Sunday, July 31, 2011

Complete List of Illuminati Symbolism

(Updated: 2-16-12 to add a video.)
(Updated: 4-17-12 to add a picture.)
(Updated: 7-15-12 to add 64 more pictures.)
(Updated: 11-13-12 - the search for Black Ops 2, Halo 4, and Assassin's Creed 3 symbolism has begun. Don't expect any new content for a few weeks however; it may take some time for these to work their way to the Internet and into my hands.)

Most skeptics ask, "Why would extremely covert organizations reveal themselves through public imagery?"

The theory is... they understand human psychology better than 98% of us. They know by revealing themselves so openly, people will figure the symbolism doesn't apply to these organizations since it doesn't normally make sense to hide yourself out in the open. It's reverse-psychology. People expect hidden things to be hidden where nobody notices them, and they totally overlook the common bits of data we subconsciously process daily because we're desensitized and used to it, and take it for granted. Thus, we complicate the search for truth by looking at what's fifty feet ahead of us and ignore the evidence in front of our faces, in plain sight. Only when we know it exists can we look out to the world and see how it connects.

Example of this would be the fact your nose is within your field of vision, but when you want to look at it you inspect it in a mirror instead. The mirror makes it easier to see all the details on your nose, but its existence is obvious if one only notices they can see it without one. Well... unless you're cock-eyed... but that's a little different.

I am not Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc. I'm not a constituent of any organized belief system. I'm a 'theist' in some sense, but I don't regard myself religious. The Satanic and 666 symbolism in this article's added because it supposedly holds some significance to the Illuminati. Supposedly.

This article, above all, isn't intended to be proof of the Illuminati through symbolism, but speculation and perhaps even evidence. I'm assuming the necessary evil as the skeptic of skeptics in pursuit of ultimately deciding if this is all bullshit or really holds any water.

“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius

Here's a list of places Illuminati symbolism has appeared. This list will grow over time as more symbols are discovered and added.

These pictures and videos are ripped straight off the web unless I state otherwise. I try to be reasonable about what I put on here, I'm aware some conspiracy theorists trip out whenever they see a triangle or an eye, so I've excluded many instances of potential symbolism which I felt were most likely coincidence, and stuck mainly with what I felt was positively or suspiciously Illuminati.

There's a possibility I'll add symbolism for the number 13, Satanism, and debatable instances of possible symbolism. The current types of symbolism will of course continue to grow.

The Illuminati symbolism we're mainly looking for consists of at least two of three following 'requirements':
- A triangular or pyramidal shape...
- With an eye depicted on it, especially at the apex...
- With light or an indication of illumination from the apex or the eye.

The Freemason symbolism we're mainly looking for consists of:
- Two roughly 90-degree angles pointing in opposite directions and overlapping...

... Preferably with at least one of the three following...

- With a particular indication of one being a compass and the other being a square...
- One being part of a triangular or pyramidal shape, especially with an eye or illumination...
- With an M, especially if printed in red, somewhere related to said symbol.

The Bohemian symbolism we're mainly looking for consists of:
- An owl, not apparently related to wherever it's depicted...

... Preferably with...

- A spider, spiderweb, or an indication of either in relation to the owl.

The Skull and Bones symbolism we're mainly looking or consists of:
- A skull and bones printed similarly to the type used to signify the organization...

... Preferably with at least one of the following...

- '322' printed or indicated somewhere in relation to the skull and bones...
- No relation to a subject that typically uses the skull and bones as common symbolism easily definable as not related to secret societies, the Illuminati, or Skull and Bones.

The 9/11 symbolism we're mainly looking for consists of at least one of the following:
- Implied or express allusion to the twin towers in an unrelated scene or situation...
- Implied or express allusion to the 9-11 attacks in an unrelated scene or situation...
- Implied or express indication of the numbers '9' and '11' in an unrelated scene or situation.

More types of symbolism to be added.

General/Exceptionally Important Symbolism

The following is a clip someone took from an episode of Fairly Odd Parents. As the story goes, the hand with the symbolism on it was the Hand of Fate, closing the Window of Time.

The following's a short clip from the movie Hackers. Watch the laptop screen very closely and pay especial attention to the words of the man on the screen.
Watch the following video, start to finish. Pay attention to some of the things the 'leader of Hollywood' says... "When in doubt, always stoop as low as you can and appeal to peoples' basic instinct!"
It's implied morality is not acceptable in Hollywood's interest to accumulate as much money as possible as an Illuminati organization, but it's alright anyway because as long as you follow instructions without question you can have all the fame, wealth and power you ever wanted. If you fail to obey though, they'll kill you... the way they killed Michael Jackson, Tupac, JFK, and other celebrities they tried to manipulate. You think that's bad? Here's an even better video.
I strongly urge you to watch this video.
This video belongs to on YouTube.
For those of you without a Flash player or unable to play video, I've listed the video's instances of symbolism for you. I left out a few scenes because I felt they may not've been Illuminati at all. These are mostly commercials, some are scenes from movies or news events.
A commercial for Puma starts off with a stage with moving parts. Notice the eye on the right. It seems to be nothing at first, until you see the next picture...
... where one of the mobile props of the stage moves into place, which is the word 'Puma'... and look at that... there's now a triangle around the eye and a hole for it to see through.
Next two pictures are part of the same commercial.
The Eye of Horus (or Eye of Ra) is particularly Illuminati and not just any ordinary eye.
One-eyed triangle symbolism.
Like the last picture.
Same commercial as last picture. I'm surprised they didn't put the gold pyramid as the capstone to the blue one.
Notice his right hand forming the 'okay' sign over one eye with the telescope - 666 symbolism. See far below in the celebrity symbolism section to see more of this.
Eye of Horus.
Illuminati pyramid symbol with the hands. Jay-Z's known to flash this symbol around frequently, I have more pictures of him doing this further down in this article. It may be worth noting the title 'CEO of hip-hop' - indicating you have to work with the Illuminati to be the CEO of the hip hop industry.
She's holding a pyramid with an 'illuminated' capstone and two posters behind her, one alluding to a One World Government, and the other possibly alluding to Illuminati relations or fabrications of extraterrestrial, sentient beings.
Part of a McDonald's commercial. McDonald is an Illuminati bloodline. Also probably the most prominent fast food in the world. Notice the Eye of Horus too.
This woman opens the jack-in-a-box...
... then turns around and shows the eye again to the camera.
This is the symbol for the Deathly Hallows in Harry Potter. Looks like a pyramid with an eye inside. More importantly, it resembles a reptilian eye. Reptilian symbolism is prominent in Illuminism.
Eye of Ra/Horus and an illuminated pyramid. Why? What does this symbolism have to do with anything, let alone Pepsi?

Coke, one-eyed symbolism. Can you think of any reason this picture makes sense? What advertising advantage are we looking at by covering an eye with the head of a coke bottle? Can you see any reason to do this if you were looking to make an ad for Coke? Would you've thought of this?

 Coca-Cola again. The eye alone doesn't really mean much, but the Satanic hand sign right above it makes it justified to point out.

Bank of Estonia.

Cartoon Network. This may mean nothing at all: the slots could simply add up to, "Watch Cartoon Network."

Olympics Bohemian symbolism. I don't think much of the image on the right.

 New Jersey Lottery

 These are apparently found around London.

Checkered Floor Symbolism (Freemasonic)
This video belongs to on YouTube.
(Pictures to come.)
Video Game Symbolism

SitRep perk from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
Callsign emblem from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
SitRep again, in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
As seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops. That pyramid can be found in a number of places, usually on TV sets around the game. It just shows up randomly.
Insignia in Halo Reach. Freemasonry.

Halo Reach icon. UNSC.
Another Halo Reach icon. The Oni insignia.
Halo Reach Beta's Active Camo.
Oh, and here's the Active Camo pickup from Halo 1...
Active Camo in Halo 1. That's twice now we've seen Active Camo in relation to the Illuminati. Is it a possible allusion to stealth and secrecy?
Bungie, designer of every Halo before Halo 4 and the Halo 1 reboot, recently changed their name and logo from this...
 ... to this.
Also, this is another little thing you can find in Halo Reach. Bungie's always made a joke of achieving world domination, but whether it's really a joke or not, I can't be sure. More likely, they were only kidding. But still...
Can't be sure what to make of this, but the Illuminati like to toss around sun symbolism...
Wolfenstein 2009. The symbolism on the wall is obvious, but notice the bottom left in the red circle too.
A sign you can find on a building in StarCraft 2. Notice the Freemason compass and square with the symbolic 'eye', also appearing as a pyramid capstone, and the F.E.D. seems to refer to the federal government. 'Global Elite Control' is an obvious allusion to the Global Elite heading the NWO.
A video of very blatant Illuminati symbolism in Max Payne.
If you logon to a computer in GTA4 and go to, it's absolutely filthy ridden with extremely obvious symbolism on each page of the website. It's speculated Rockstar was only poking fun at the Illuminati concept. But symbolism is still symbolism - they're a big, popular gaming company. I have to hold them in some question after seeing this.
GTA4 again.
A radio station icon in GTA: Episodes From Liberty City.
L.A. Noire.
I'm aware World of Warcraft harbors all kinds of occult symbolism; it's part of what the game's about. On the other hand, it's one of the largest MMOs from one of the largest videogame publishers in the world. The extreme widespread success of the game combined with the exceptionally-addicting nature giving way to the frequent destruction of whole households and relationships and the appearance of this particular symbolism altogether is suspiciously Illuminati to me. That may just be an accident, but various symbols depicting an eye within or at the top of triangular shapes doesn't appear to be. It's not as if it's just an eye, or just a triangle - it's both, consistently familiar with the Great Seal.
World of WarCraft.
World of WarCraft glyph window. Notice the eye at the top of the triangle.
World of WarCraft.
This is a Demonologist Warlock's Metamorphosis spell in World of Warcraft.
Again, World of Warcraft.
You could argue the theme of Yu-Gi-Oh! would of course mean there'd be Egyptian symbolism including a pyramid with an eye inside it, and I understand that. What I'm suspicious of is what kind of power these pyramids have in the series, with eyes on them, particularly the Eye of Horus, and happen to sometimes be clairvoyant, omniscient, radiating brilliant light, and can serve as sources of extreme power which could be evil, often painted as benevolent. Pyramid of Light comes to mind.
Company Logo Symbolism
EEE. A lot of... speculation surrounds this company.

Pinkerton Security

Paramount Bank


Taco Bell. Check out the bell, forming the capstone, and the ringer inside forming the eye.

Pyramid Media Group. I don't know, this one might not be anything.

Transamerica Insurance and Investment Group

Guardian Angels Safety Patrol

Some British music organization or corporation.


 Regency Mortgage Corporation
Famis Health Insurance. Creatively, the arms form a pyramid, the sun forming the capstone's light.

 West Coast Bank
Movie and Show Symbolism
National Treasure (2004)
Whatever this is, it's Disney. No surprise.
Stewie and Brian walk past numerous bookshelves, one containing the obvious symbolism seen here. The symbol disappears off the screen as they cross the library, yet later, as seen in the image below this one, Brian ends up meeting a girl - right in front of the symbol, of all places.
The God Delusion had only one copy left on the bookshelf and the girl insisted Brian take it. Brian states there's only one way to solve the problem: "If there is a God, send another copy!... Oh, I guess that's our answer." They both laugh at this, shedding a positive light on atheism. Just like the Eye of Providence on the green book to the left, it's a subliminal attempt at seeding your subconscious with the belief there's no spirit within us. You have to wonder why they decided to include the eye juuust within the camera's view for the duration of this exchange.
I have no idea what cartoon this is from or how the symbol's related to it. This could be nothing at all, but still noteworthy. It's Disney though.
This isn't a video, the play button's part of the picture.
Satanic handsigns and a Mason cap with the eye on it.
The following video arguably is poking fun at the whole Illuminati concept, trying to communicate how stupid the whole idea is and how easy it is to get everyone to believe in complete bullshit. BUT, I know on the other hand this could've been a pitch by the Illuminati to fictionalize their existence to the masses and make us believe they really don't exist.
Just like the last picture, but on a podium now... with an eye on front.
Right side, in the blue circle. Not a coincidence.
Pyramid with a bright light shining from the top. Illuminati.
Arguably, the intended 'symbol' is an hourglass to compliment the movie's name, and indeed it does - but it also looks like a pyramid with light radiating from the pinnacle and an eye.
From the movie Being There. This may've just been a prop for the movie and nothing more, but still...
Notice the random eyeball at the top of the cut-out triangle.
Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan.
A scene in National Treasure, transitioning from a view of the man into a pyramid, leaving his eye suspended to represent the Illuminati eye.
Displayed after episodes of Twilight Zone, I think in the older days, or on the movie versions. Not sure.
Also displayed after episodes of Twilight Zone. This is only considerable because of the fact it shows up after the image above, which is scary because the planet rests within the eye here, as if the All-Seeing Eye of the Illuminati... really does see all. CBS is also a media organization; our media's a highly corrupt Illuminati tool. But had it not been for the Persistence of Vision display, I would've dismissed this as just symbolizing a news-casting camera catching the world's events.
Triangular clouds with light shining from the top.
The stars form the illumination from the capstone of the 'pyramid'.
It looks remarkably like the Paramount picture above.
Aeon Flux (2005)
The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009)
Look just in front of the goat's face, and again at the grey bar at the top. Goats are also used in the particularly-Illuminati type of Satanism.
Opening scene to The Mummy.
The Man Who Would Be King (1975). Notice the movie's name. The Illuminati are known to boost those seeking fame and fortune into celebrity status, for a price.
MTV over a Masonic lodge?... Not to mention the red 'M' of 'MTV' also alluding to the red 'M' of 'Mason' in Freemasonry, and their Mason attire.
MTV again. Yet more evidence to the collaboration of Illuminati and Freemasonry.
The following five are apparently from Scott Sigler, novel author:
Documents, Currency, Government Symbolism
Declaration of Human Rights. All in French.
One of the mottoes of the owl in the Bohemian Club (an Illuminati organization), Moloch or Molech, is 'Weaving spiders, come not here.' Strangely, there's an owl to be found on the $1 bill, with spiderwebs all along the rim of the bill, but the only thing they don't touch... is the owl.
Their symbolism can be found on the Frost Bank in Austin, Texas.
The bank, from an angle, represents an owl.

 Don't know for sure if this picture was made way back in Washington's day. If it was, this says... a lot.

Landscape and Building Symbolism
This is a map of Washington D.C. Notice how if you look at the streets, not only can you clearly see a pyramid with a glow atop it (Illuminati), but the glow also forms the body of an owl (Bohemian Club) perched on top, and a second set of streets turn the pyramid shape into the compass and square (Freemasons).
Parc de Bruxelles. Similar deal with the D.C. map.
CAA Death Star.
Here's a pyramid in Blagnac, France, suspended over a map of the world. Now why would they do that? Why a pyramid with an 'eye' cut in the center, superimposed over a representation of the world? Hmm.
Here's the map it's suspended over...
Illuminati Card Game
Ever heard of the Illuminati card game? The cards were released 1995 and feature various interesting scenes on the cards which, if anyone's surprised, have been occurring ever since. These are major catastrophes, not just ordinary problems expected to happen every decade or so. The government went after the dude who made the game and tried to seize production and all of his rights to it. You can Wiki it and find out more, that's all I remember. But here are some of the cards:
I just graduated from high school eight months ago. I took government in my senior year and still distinctly remember being taught the media's version of 9/11. Since 9/11's a part of history now, what else did they lie about? This is why arguments against the Illuminati's existence 'as history shows' are discredited. History could be nothing like we were taught.
Surely you're aware of Japan's combined disasters lately?
Map of Washington D.C.
David Rockefeller.

9-11 Symbolism
Traffic (2000)
Rugrats in Paris (1998)
Peacemaker (1997)
The Patriot (2000)
Hackers (1995). The literal term 'New World Order' appeared in this movie, as you would know if you watched the video at the top of this article..
Hackers (1995)
Godzilla (1998)
Gremlins (1984)
Gremlins 2 (1990)
Enemy of the State (1998)
Independence Day (1996)
Terminator 2 (1991)
U.S. DOJ/FEMA Pamphlet (1997)
October 1976. Now why is the Cookie Monster eating two towers? He's supposed to be eating cookies, I thought. Instead, he's destroying public structures... And this is a kids' character?...
1993 Hustler issue. The site I got this picture from referred to this as 'ULTRA blatant'. Yeah, I agree. Don't forget to notice the Pyramid with the eye on the papers in his hand.
Apparently the cover to a German band.
General Electric refrigerators are in on 9/11, too. How unexpected.
Mark of a great town. Definitely.
The Coup. They're a political hip-hop band against America's methods and Capitalism. I don't have a problem with that, I just want to know what party music has to do with blowing up the towers.
Watch how the 'picture' progresses from the 5 to the 20, then 50, then 100.

If you had any doubts about 9/11 being an inside job, here's a single picture which alone pretty much debunks the government's version of reality. Although there's so much more which is also without much if any debate 9/11 isn't what we're taught in high school.
Celebrity Symbolism
Eminem wearing a particular pendant...

Em's hands form a layered pyramid with a capstone. This could just be coincidence.
As seen in Eminem's music video for Mosh. Notice - under a 9/11 headline it states 'BUSH KNEW', and in the upper right it says, "Bush knew of terrorist plot to hijack US plane'. Again, on the left side, 'Bush knew... 9/11'. And the obvious Illuminati symbol is... obvious.
Layered pyramid with capstone on the left; one-eyed symbolism in the right.
Pyramid in an on-stage performance.
Arguably one-eyed symbolism, but I'll dismiss that to coincidence; what's really disturbing here is the subliminal message encouraging watchers of this music video to drink Diet Coke, which contains aspartame, which is a poisonous artificial sweetener used in diet drinks for population control.
Raekwon's Twitter. Do you see it?
Kanye West.
Presumably Leona Lewis. Notice how the top of the pool's edge is brighter, like the illuminated capstone of the Illuminati pyramid.
50 Cent.
Lil' Wayne.
Something's wrong with Lil' Wayne's jacket.
Drake with a Bohemian tattoo.
Drake's shirt displaying Bohemian symbolism.
Drake's shirt displaying Illuminati symbolism.
Lady Gaga. See it?
Willow Smith. Now granted, it's not an intact pyramid, and thing's upside-down. But it's not hard to see how this can appear Illuminati, and moreover, this is Willow we're talking about. Her father (Will Smith) is probably controlled by the Illuminati, and she's already made an Illuminati impression on people with Whip My Hair.
Lady Gaga and the Eye of Ra implication via the Anubis symbolism.
Ray William Johnson wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt with the ever-obvious symbolism. Ray's enough of a celebrity for me to question whether he has anything to do with the Illuminati too, especially since he publicly announced his distaste toward conspiracy theorists and made a game out of searching for Illuminati symbolism, which is why he's wearing that shirt in the video this picture was taken from.
In Eminem's Lose Yourself, he notes an approaching 'New World Order' consuming souls through a gaping hole.
Here are some pictures of celebrities producing one-eyed gestures, another Illuminati symbol. I considered these for the list because of the raw number of celebrities who display the symbolism on top of the fact there's really no reason at all for them to do it. Eminem's the one that gets me most; being that my own rap style's influenced by Eminem I've naturally paid a great length of attention to him in various videos and biographies and I see no reason at all in his style, character or motives that he'd perform random one-eyed symbolism like this on repeated counts. It's not his style.
Em again, in older days.
Check out the next two pics...  
Beyonce. Notice the pyramid radiating beams of light.
Beyonce. Or maybe Rihanna, I forget. They both look similar. The point is, it's one-eyed symbolism.
Chris Brown's tat. Not only the Eye of Providence in a triangle, but also serpent/reptilian symbolism.
Lindsay Lohan.
Michael Jackson. He broke from Illuminati influence later in his life but was assassinated for publicly using his fame to strike out against them.
Lady Gaga.
That list will continue to grow; I haven't gone anywhere near a full list of celebrities looking for that type of symbolism. However, I did find some pyramid symbolism by a couple celebs...
Jay-Z. Notice how he not only expresses one-eyed symbolism, his eye's inside the triangle formed by his hands.
Beyonce and Jay-Z. Jay-Z's shirt represents Skull and Bones (powerful Illuminati organization), and Beyonce's throwing up the pyramid handsign.
Kanye West. Don't know the other dude. But isn't it strange they're both making the sign?
Kanye West on the right, Jay-Z on the left.
Nelly Furtado. One-eyed symbolism, with one of her eyes closed. If you're observant enough to notice the '666' drawn into her stylized name here, I did not add that and I don't feel it was particularly noteworthy.
Presumably Ben Henderson.
Jay-Z and Denzel Washington.
Jay-Z and some groupie of his.
Kobe Bryant.
"But dude, that's the Rocasign, Jay-Z's signature handsign, that's why he flashes it everywhere."  Then why's everyone else doing it too? "Because they're affiliated with him. You can't call that Illuminati!" Yes, I can. Look.
Rocawear is Jay-Z's clothing brand. This is a Rocawear cap creatively forming the Eye of Ra/Horus with the Rocasign emblem.
That's a Rocawear shirt. Make no mistake.
Another Rocawear shirt. Are you sure Jay's not into some shit?
That list is also growing. I have another list of a different type of one-eyed symbolism, featuring one making a circle with the index finger and thumb, like an 'okay' hand sign, then placing it over an eye. The remaining fingers are erect, forming a '666' with that hand. The thing is, it happens so often and looks so stupid. You have to wonder why so many celebrities do this, because honestly I never noticed my peers doing this in high school (I graduated last year) nor've I caught wind of such a trend among common individuals. My age is around the time I'd notice people doing it, but it's only celebrities, suspiciously enough. This first picture's not one-eyed symbolism, but it's the same concept with both eyes. I don't know what it means with both eyes involved, but it's ridiculous conspicuous and suspicious. Admit it, there's no reason so many people should be doing it like this just out of coincidence.
Barack Obama, Travis Barker, Britney Spears, Brad Pitt, Beyonce, Beatles, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Will Smith, Pharrell, Lil Wayne, Charlie Chaplin, Playmobil, Mickey Mouse, Michael Jordan. In the last pane, the four different types of 'finger-glasses symbolism' (as I'll call it) as displayed in all the other pictures.
Drake. Why the fuck do you think all the celebrities do this? This looks stupid.
This may be nothing, but I had to wonder. It looks like he's lazily making the ring around his eye, but missed and wound up with something like generic one-eyed symbolism.
Looks like Beyonce there on the right. Don't know who the rest are.
Lady Gaga.
Lil Wayne.
Tyra Banks.
Justin Bieber.
Bieber. Seriously, this looks stupid, why do you suppose people are making these gestures on cam? Let alone so many different celebs...
Lady Gaga.
Lady Gaga. The fingers aren't erect, but she's still making the same basic shape around the eye.
Speaking of 666...
Eminem again. Notice the height tickers on the left.
The following three videos, I took personally. Please leave annotations on, they explain the scope of the symbolism for you. Symbolism in CFO magazine...
CVille (Charlottesville, VA newspaper)...
Lead the Field...
Of course, if you still think all the symbolism is just coincidence and the conspiracy theory behind it is bullshit, the other option is to believe all these companies and people just happened to use the symbolism as a joke. Funny, isn't it, that so many celebrities and big-rig companies apparently know about the 'joke' but no normal civilian's aware of it.  I am always adding more symbolism to this page.


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